Prayer Requests 

The Power of Prayer

The CSL Chapala Practitioner Core provides powerful, effective prayer support for anyone seeking counsel. We are here to affirm and know for you that your Good is unfolding right here, right now in absolutely every area of your life regardless of outward appearances.

There is no desire too large or too small in God. Radiant good health, loving relationships, a fulfilling career, abundant prosperity and much more are all available through our alignment with Spirit.

When you access prayer through our community, you connect with a Practitioner who has dedicated his or her life to knowing the Truth about each and every one of us – that we are blessed, individualized expressions of Spirit, and through our sacred partnership with the One Mind, all things are possible.

Our Professional Prayer Practitioners access both their passion for prayer and their compassion for every person in need of support to connect with the Power, Presence, and Love of God that lies within each of us. Through affirmative prayer, they partner with you to transform your life and manifest the GOOD that you desire.

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  • We believe that all of the Universe & everything in it is One Complete Whole.
  • We believe that we are part of this Whole – we are part of the conception of Creation, part of its process of becoming and part of the result.
  • We believe in the power of affirmative positive belief, affirmation and prayer to affect the fabric of the universe and to cause change.

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Prayer Demonstrations

“Three weeks ago I got bitten by a mosquito that gave me Dengue Fever.  What a horrible experience of a headache and high fever for 3 days with nausea, a rash, and extreme fatigue.  I was totally stopped and had to surrender.  I had to trust that if I called friends, they would go to the grocery store or health food store for me.  I HAD TO REST!!!

Two weeks later, I was listening to a prayer for Covid by Rev. Christian Sorensen from Seaside CSL in Encinitas, California, when I read the lines thanking Covid for the release for the addiction to busyness, and the addiction to fatigue.  Well, that hit me in my chest!  That was ME!  I saw that I was totally addicted to busyness, which I knew, but I never put the two together that the extreme fatigue that I feel was part of the addiction to busyness!

I realized that in recovery, I couldn’t do as much, and, as a matter of fact, moving forward in my life, I am at choice and I don’t have to do so much.  So, grateful for the huge growth, I am choosing to move forward, doing less and being more.  Thank you God!”

“I put in a prayer request for recycling in Ajijic, San Antonio and Riberas three weeks ago. Today, I was informed that one of the recycle bins in Ajijic in front of Vinos America is being sponsored by the Shriners Club! Progress! Answered prayer!!! Thank you God!!